Tools ‹ Geofwarr’s Blog — WordPress

Tools ‹ Geofwarr’s Blog — WordPress.


2 responses to “Tools ‹ Geofwarr’s Blog — WordPress

  1. Hi,
    so many useful information about Zunyi and China, thanks! There is job offer from Tsinghua High School and I’m thinking about working as an english teacher in Zunyi. However I can’t decide about going or not after all I’ve read on the net. I like small cities and calm places and I’m very sportive and I love running and cycling so I wonder if in Zunyi I would be able to find places to run or cycle. I know that this might seem ridiculous to some but when you’re addicted to do sports it’s an important part of life. Otherwise I wouldn’t mind people staring at me, not finding western food, etc. I hope to read your reply. Many thanks

    • Hi,

      I’m really sorry not to have replied to your message, I haven’t been using this blog since I got back to the UK. I hope are enjoying your work in China. If the going is difficult, stick with it, it is very rewarding.


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